Trading Journey with Luis Lopez

A Daily blog for aspiring Traders.

 Don’t let the financial markets intimidate you. Join me on Trading with Lu and learn to thrive in the chaos. As i’m certain many of you, just like me. Have come upon what seems to be nothing but challenges with trading. My goal is to journal everyday, showing entries and exits on real life trades that I placed. My purpose for this is to be transparent for everyday traders and help us both grow and learn on our adventure.

The Story Behind 'Trading with Lu'.

I’ve been on my journey for a little over 5 years. During this time i’ve tried too many strategies, far too many Youtube videos, and anything that feels will lead to that ‘Holy grail’  Strategy. As im sure many of you have faced, this hasn’t lead to much success, my purpose for this blog is purely to hold myself accountable and show you a journey of what the average person attempting to trade truly goes through. Then, maybe.. We can finally learn to become profitable.

Meet Lu

Hi, I’m Luis Lopez. I’ve been enthused with trading for over five years but have yet to turn a consistent profit. I started this blog to hold myself accountable and show the everyday steps and grind that it takes to become a successful trader. I believe that success in trading requires consistent effort and hard work, and I’m committed to sharing my journey, including my successes and failures, with others who may be struggling as well. Join me on this journey to achieve our goals together!