Double Bottom?

Afternoon Scoop

Overall, it was a decent day. After yesterday’s drop, it seemed like we were headed for more losses, but we managed to have a constructive day today.


S&P 500 futures 1 hour chart
S&P 500 futures update

Today saw a nice rebound after yesterday’s failed attempt. We had a strong gap up followed by a small push up. We traded within a range for the majority of the day before finishing on a high note.


Our hope is to maintain these levels and continue to push higher. As long as we stay above the last lows, we are in decent shape. If we drop below those levels, we may not look as good, but we don’t need to worry about that at the moment. Let’s concentrate on making constructive moves up and adjust if necessary.

Daily Wrap-up

That’s all today, kept it light. i wanted to enter a trade in AMD saw the opportunity but passed. I set my parameters up to see how I would have done and I had the right idea. Which is the goal! I’d rather test and make sure I’m looking for appropritate trades than blidnly jump into them.


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