Monday Morning Trader: Can we Stick the landing?

Morning Scoop

Good morning from Nashville! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend and is ready to get back after it this week! I’ll be keeping us simple this week as I’m going to be out of town but I wanted to keep this up.


NASDAQ futures sitting at a key level here. We broke this long down streak when we finally broke the trend line that was all of 2022. Now will we stick the landing or endure more pain down?

Trade Ideas


Again, I’m not planning on trading but I wanted to atleast take a look at some trades on the sheet we could look at.

Market has been holding this morning, I like the risk to reward area we are at which helps this META trade.

We’ll wait to see if it comes out of this nice wedge it’s been making. If it does we can expect a move to atleast $179.


Keeping it light on my end this week just due to not being readily available to trade. I will be happy to monitor markets and will continue to send the daily Scoop. Thank you for joining, happy trading!

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